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Flavor from the Heart of Seoul.

We fry all our Korean fried chicken in the traditional method. Hand brushed, hand battered, and fried at lower temperatures for longer periods of time. This creates our unforgettably crispy texture. Once tossed in any of our signature sauces, you’re free to enjoy fried chicken like you’ve never tried before.

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Our Favorites

Golden Original

Korean fried chicken at its best. Juicy and tender inside, light and crispy outside.

Honey Garlic

Brushed with a sweet, soy-based sauce, these are light on heat and heavy on flavor.

Soy Garlic

Served in a savory sauce with a mild tang of garlic.

Maple Crunch

Glazed in maple syrup with a rich butter and garlic sauce.

Hot Mala

Inspired by Chinese mala seasoning, this flavor is very sweet and very hot.

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